Internet Mathematics special issue on “Algorithms for evolving networks”

evolving The widespread adoption of digitization has opened the way to gathering large amounts of data that record detailed information for many systems of interest. Examples include telecommunication networks, online social-media platforms, and biological systems. Many of these systems are typically represented as networks, and graph-theoretic techniques are used to analyze the available data. Furthermore, as our data-gathering capacity has increased, it is now possible to collect data the record not only a static aggregate view of the underlying network, but a continuous stream of events that captures the full dynamic behavior of the network. Such events may take the form of structural changes, or they may encode different types of actions and interactions performed by the network entities. This view of time-evolving networks poses new challenges and opens new research directions. The objective is to develop the theoretical foundations and to design the algorithmic principles that will allow to efficiently manage and analyze such evolving networks. This special issue of Internet Mathematics invites original research papers on algorithmic and mathematical methods for modeling, processing, and analyzing evolving networks. The topics of interest include but are not limited to

  • Models and novel computational paradigms for evolving networks
  • Graph stream algorithms
  • Monitoring and mining evolving networks
  • Spectral analysis of evolving networks
  • Detecting events, trends, and change points
  • Inferring structure from network activity
  • Applications in social media, web graphs, citation networks, biological networks, and other domains

Papers that have previously appeared in peer-reviewed conferences may be submitted, provided that significant extensions and additional non-trivial contributions are presented. In the latter case, submissions should be accompanied by a cover letter summarizing the additional contributions with respect to the earlier conference version.

The papers should be prepared and submitted according to the general guidelines for authors of Internet Mathematics. Please indicate in your submission that the paper is submitted for the special issue.

Submission deadline: Oct 15, 2015

Submission at the website of Internet Mathematics

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